In addition to Yoga, I offer stress reduction courses in individual and group sessions.

I am a psychologist (doctorate-level degree) and have been trained and certified by the Institute of Health Psychology, Marburg (GKM; Currently,  I am also training with the Institute of Psychosynthesis London (IPL) in the area of coaching, counselling and therapy.

Course modules could include:

1. Fundamentals to understand stress and psychophysiological mechanisms

2. Analysis and development of individual stress competences on different levels

3. Problem Solving Training (Stress detection and implementation of adequate management strategies)

4. Mental Training (Developing beneficial attitudes, mindsets and mindfulness)

5. Relaxation Training (Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Yoga, breathing techniques)

6. Recreation Training (Learning to plan time-outs and to enjoy in a proper way)

If you are interested, please contact me.

Tailored towards individual needs, I offer private sessions including approaches from psychology,  yoga, meditation, mindfulness-based practices.


Most of the private clients I see come quiet regular for some time and space dedicated to themselves. Some of those clients highly benefit from our sessions with respect to stress levels, anxiety, low mood.  Others suffer from illnesses like cancer or Parkinson’s and find a great resource to deal with their challenges through the approach I offer.


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