About My Yoga

My classes vary a lot…

My style differs with what I want to bring to class in terms of a theme or purpose. Most importantly I want to fine-tune the yoga I provide according to the vibe in the audience. My clients are of all ages (children to elderly), backgrounds, and bringing their own stories and characteristics. This has been teaching me a lot and has informed my teachings in return. My classes are always soulful and full of offering and invitations. I try to hold the bouquet of my professional and personal experiences available to create a space that is often unavailable to us in everyday life: free to just be, open and safe to experience, to feel to connect to ourselves. I teach from my heart and I would feel delighted to meet you and have you in my class.

Also, I combine the ancient wisdom with modern insights from Psychology which was often found to be particularly beneficial by my students.

I always design my classes thoroughly to meet the requirements and needs of the clients – no matter if they  chose yoga as a preventive and restorative practice, as a path towards spirituality or with no just for the experience of it.

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