About Me

Right in my first yoga class I was fascinated by the challenge of not judging or evaluating any upcoming bodily or mental sensation, but solely experiencing the effects on all levels.

Shortly after that, I strongly felt the need to more and more engage into the world of Yoga and the concepts it holds for increasing life quality and emotional well-being. In 2011, I started my teacher training with the German and European Yoga Union (BDY/EYU, an associated organization with the Bristish Wheel of Yoga, BWY) and  received my certificate (500hr teacher training) in 2013 and  completed my 4-year (800hr) training in November 2015. Additionally, I have accomplished an Ante- and Postnatal Exercise Training to guide pregnant women and new parents  through their times of change with Yoga.

As my Yoga teacher training also embraced the beneficial aspects of core stability, I am also a Pilates instructor and started to joyfully teach both Yoga and Pilates in 2012 in different studios in Germany. During this time I also became a stress management trainer (certified by the Institute of Health Psychology, Marburg, Germany), learned about mindful-based meditation and  (after Jon Kabat-Zinn) and completed my PhD in Psychology at Jena University, Germany.

Due to the variety of experiences I made, all my classes, so both groups and privates, always incorporate a holistic approach towards the clients’ health and wellbeing.

Perceiving an urgent desire to work with people, I appreciate the opportunity to bring a little joy and peace to the lives of others.