About Me

Hi, my name is Jessica Wiese (nee Komes), Jessi or actually here in the UK I have become more of a Jess. Originally, I am from near Cologne but lived in different places in Germany and abroad before coming to Durham in 2014. My yoga journey started in 2008, however the teacher training which I took from 2011 till 2015 provided it with serious updraft. Ever since it has been and continues to be such an amazing journey, truly…”a journey of the Self, Through the Self, To the Self ” as described by one of the ancient texts of yoga philosophy/psychology.

Being fascinated by people, their development and dynamics, my extended training to become a yoga teacher (880hr over 4 years accredited through the European and German Yoga Union) has nurtured this sense of opening, transforming and expanding inevitably. I feel very privileged to have come across yoga and being able to follow this path. I am teaching since 2012, first in various studios in Germany, now in Durham and Newcastle and sometimes in other places in the world.  My practice has been enriched my many different teachers and approaches over the last few years (different styles of yoga, meditation, mindfulness-based stress reduction) from all over the planet. Linked to my curiosity and interests, I hold a Psychology degree (PhD) and am currently training to become a Psychotherapist. As I studied dance and like to work through the body to release stored emotional tension usually my classes are flowing (Vinyasa flow yoga), creative, unconventional and experimental. I incorporate both pranayama (breathing techniques) and a (guided) meditation to tackle different energies.

In 2017 I have been selected as an inspirational woman of wellbeing by Yogamatters:



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