3. Stress Reduction & Management

Apart from Yoga, I offer stress reduction courses in individual and group sessions.

I am a psychologist (doctorate-level degree) and have been trained and certified by the Institute of Health Psychology, Marburg (GKM; http://www.gkm-institut.de).

Course modules include:

1. Fundamentals to understand stress and psychophysiological mechanisms

2. Analysis and development of individual stress competences on different levels (instrumental, mental and regenerative)

3. Problem Solving Training (Stress detection and implementation of adequate management strategies)

4. Mental Training (Developing beneficial attitudes, mindfulness)

5. Relaxation Training (Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Yoga, breathing techniques)

6. How-to-enjoy Training (Learning to plan time-outs and to enjoy in a proper way)

If you are interested, please contact me.