2. Private Sessions

Tailored towards individual needs, I offer private sessions including Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness-based practices.

Most of the private clients I see come quiet regular for some time and space dedicated to themselves. Some of those clients highly benefit from our sessions with respect to stress levels, anxiety, low mood.  Others suffer from illnesses like cancer or Parkinson’s and find a great resource to deal with their challenges through Yoga.

Yoga can make you (feel) better – physically, mentally, emotionally…

It is a holistic approach!

What you say:

“My journey back to health has been greatly supported by my interest in yoga, and in particular, the yoga Jessica provides for me. The treatment I underwent was intensive, and the first steps to recovery from cancer are small. Yet I was able to utilize yoga from a very early stage.”

“Not only do my yoga sessions provide physical benefits from strengthening my muscles and aiding insomnia problems, but also provides emotional wellbeing by incorporating breathing and meditation strategies.”

“With the prospect of years of ongoing hospital appointments ahead and the general anxiety that a cancer diagnosis can leave you with, I find my yoga practice with Jessi very supportive. Also, the breathing exercises I learned from yoga allow me to control stress levels and manage anxious situations”.

“I am just sooooo relaxed after our sessions. I always sleep better after the yoga. Highly recommend her classes”.