5. Workshops

Upcoming Workshops February:

Please follow this link https://www.facebook.com/pg/Prathana-Yoga-119033155482541/events/?ref=page_internal

for more infos on

16.2. Mindfulness and Stress Release in Durham

17.2. Spring Detox – Yoga and Ayurveda

MARCH – Day Retreat


Past Workshops:

Letting go – Autumn is the season for letting go – Shincliffe Village 27.10.




Open your Neck & Shoulder – An Office Yoga Workshop 21.10. at YOGALILIES Newcastle:

Follow this link: http://www.yogalilies.co.uk/workshops/



Past Workshops:


In tune with nature, let us practice to release what no longer serves us…

Please contact Gill or Carol at


Sunday 12th Nov 2017 12-2pm Mindfulness Mini Retreat £25

Looking for a little time for yourself?

Feeling stressed, anxious or discontent?

Just curious about what Mindfulness is all about?

Come join me:





23rd of April, Yogalilies Newcastle, 1.30 – 4.00pm, £25

 In our busy lives, we tend to live and lead with our head more than with our hearts. On a physical level, this is reflected in shoulder and neck pain, which results from carrying the head in front of the body. On a more subtle level, we may feel disconnected from ourselves, unfulfilled, as we do not acknowledge inner impulses, and unsatisfied by not addressing our wishes and yearnings properly.

To encounter our needs truthfully, we need to allow for some more subtle awareness beyond rationality. This powerful source of intuition enrooted in our hearts yields answers to our perpetual questions related to happiness, suffering and meaning of life and existence. 

In this workshop we will explore different motion and meditation practices to open our hearts and allow its healing energies to become more prominent in our lives – thereby improving our health and wellbeing holistically.











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