Next Workshop 19.1.2019 in the lovely Garden studio in Shincliffe Village!

Yoga is an ancient tradition with more than 3000 years of history. It has accumulated abundant wisdom of how the mind and body is structured, what potential disturbances can occur, and how to transform unhealthy attitudes or unapt postures while constantly respecting personal barriers or drawbacks – it yields a holistic practice with numerous benefits on mind, body and soul. Yoga can assist us to nourish ourselves and encounter life and the challenges it yields for each of us in a fulfilling way (Read more about Yoga and its healing power https://helloyoga.com/jessica-wiese-psychologist-cognitive-neuroscientist-yoga-teacher-interview-eff7c75630c0).

Prathana  means unfolding. It reflects my own experience of how Yoga can bring us closer to ourselves. For me yoga has become a path allowing and enabling each and every little part of me to unfold like a petal from a bud. I am very grateful for these experiences and I do love to share them with you. 


Yoga has brought me a not only a lot of joy, it has provided me with inner peace and strength to face the challenge of life. I would like enrich the people in Durham and around with my work. I passionately practice and teach yoga and offer classes in Durham and Newcastle. Also,  I am a psychologist and trained to offer stress reduction courses (to read more, see  About Me and Classes with Jessica)…